“You can kill hours with this game and enjoy every minute”

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“A very clever game that hooks you quickly”

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What is Fozy?

Fozy is a unique, addicting word game designed exclusively for the iPhone by award winning game developer John Paquin.

What makes Fozy so different?

With Fozy, you choose how and when new letters slide in to fill the gaps. 

Rotate your device to choose the direction, then tap or swipe an empty space.  Letters will fall down, but only to the place you touched.  You are in control!

If you’re clever, you can move letters from one side of the board to the other.

Will I like Fozy?

Are you kidding?

Whether you like quick games or strategic games, if you like word games, you’ll LOVE Fozy!


Play in one of 3 fun modes:

  1. Timed - You have 2 minutes to max out your score.  Make long words to get more time!

  2. Counted - How high can you score before using 25 tiles?  Make long words to get more letters.

  3. Survivor - Juggle the tiles and plan your moves because no new letters will appear. Can you clear the whole board?

Keeps track of high score, longest word, and highest scoring word for each mode.

When you close the app or get a phone call Fozy saves it’s state.  Start it up again later, and pick up right where you left off.

Fozy has a huge dictionary, and uses American, British, or Canadian spellings based on your region. Spell “color” the way you were taught!

Try Fozy, and see for yourself why this game has been called “instantly addicting!